Walk 'n' Roll Walking Routes

This site will help you find a pre-defined walking route that you may want to take while you are in the downtown Ventura area.   We have prepared a list of practical Starting Points each with nearby parking.   Once you have selected where to start your walk, you will see a variety or routes listed in the order of increasing distance.   As you move your cursor over the list of available routes, the route itself will show up in red on a small map next to the list.   Choose a route, and a more detailed map of the route will come up along with walking directions (including incremental distances).   To get started, you have to first pick a starting point.

Click here to see a list of starting points...

We have calculated the distance for each route and reported it in miles (rounded to the nearest one-hundredth).   Each route is also listed with a range of walking time (in minutes) based on speeds ranging from 2.5 to 3.5 miles per hour.   An average, healthy person can walk at about 3.0 miles an hour on level ground with the occassional stop to wait at a crosswalk or light.   This works out to about 20 minutes per mile.   You probably walk a little slower or a little faster than this average, so you may need to adjust this rate when calculating the time for yourself.   It can also take a little longer if you are going up and down hills, so any of the walks that travel north of Poli Street may take a little longer than you would expect.   Of course, some time will be lost waiting to cross streets, too.