DHD Reference Map Service Demonstration Page
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Display Parcels:   [REST]
Parcels polygons for the current County Assessor Tax Roll
While there are dozens of attributes in this map layer, the ones most likely to be of interest are those pertaining to the property owner, which are updated monthly.   The sample below priovides the names of these fields on the left. Each parcel is identified by its Assessor Parcel Number, or APN for short.   An APN is a 13 character string used to format a 9 or 10 digit parcel number into four parts, delimited by dashes, stored in a field called APN.   When the parcel number has only 9 digits, a leading zero is added so that the first part of the formatted APN always has three digits.   The parcel number itself is stored in a long integer field, called PARCEL.   The County Assessor tracks, at most, just one site address per parcel.
Display Addresses:   [REST]
The City's complete collection of Address points
This collection includes many addresses that have been coded as no longer in use.   These potentially unwanted addresses can be identified by the values of XX or PU found in the CODE field.   Most of Ventur'a Mobile Home Parks have two ways of locating a space: as a SUITE number under the public street address for the MHP and as a HOUSE number on the private street name within the MHP.   To prevent these MH space addresses from being counted twice, one set has been flagged as duplicates with a value of 1 in the MHPDUPFLAG field.
Business Licenses:   [REST]
The City Treasury's collection of Business points
This collection is maintained by staff at the City Treasury using their PSI/BLT software.   Automated overnight processes running on the GIS server query the PSI/BLT database and return a fresh copy of this collection for use in the City's GIS everyday.   Some of these businesses originate outside the Ventura City Limits, but the rest are associated with local, Ventura addresses, which allows us to drop them on the map as points.   These businesses are also associated with the parcel associated with that local address, so these records can be searched for using the BADDPARCEL field or the various fields that make up the business address.
Business License Contacts:   [REST]
People On File as Contacts for Business Licenses
Each Business License record in the City Treasury's collection has the potential to have more than one contact on file.   Every record is expected to have a Primary Contact but many have additional contacts, too.   Each contact in the related table is connected to a Business License using the ACCTNO field.   As with the Business License records, the Contacts table is refreshed everyday during automated overnight processes running on the GIS server. Each contact can have a Code and a Type.   Although sometimes missing, the value in the ConType field is often more descriptive than the value in the ConCode field.
Contact Phones/Emails:   [REST]
Phone Numbers and Email Addresses
Each Business License Contact record in the City Treasury's collection has the potential to have more than one phone number and email address on file.   In order to accommodate this many-to-one arrangement, these items are stored in their own look-up table.   Each record in this table is connected to the contact record using the ContactID field.
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