GIS Road Show
Generic GIS Tools:
1. Address Checker (HTML and JavaScript)
2. Parcel Detail Sheets (Public and Staff versions)
3. Java Map / Java Grid (Public and Staff versions)
4. By-The-Parcel Searches (Public and Staff versions)
5. Map Request Form (Public and Staff versions)
Department Specific Solutions:
1. Ventura Water:
    Water/Sewer/Utility configurations for the Staff version of the Java Map
    Water Meter/Customer data (Water Usage data no longer updated)
2. Public Works:
    Record Drawing Explorer (RDM)
    CIP Explorer
    Graffiti Response Tracker (uses AGOL, Survey123)
    Surveyor Layers
    Bike Routes Mobile app
    Street Sweeping app and PDF
    Catch Basin cleaning/inspection Field Tool, summary data
3. Community Development:
    EnerGov Permit Explorer
    Pending Projects / Reportable Projects
    Thomas Fire Recovery Grid and Map
    Historic Districts / Landmarks / POI
    Final Building Inspection Basemap Edit Progress
4. Fire Department:
    Fire Apparatus Commitment Explorer (FireRMS)
    FHRP (Brush Inspections) WEB and LAN
    Fire Inspections (R1/R2/E occupancies, Named Complexes) Map and Grid
    Fire Inspection Fees by Date Posted in PSI
    Fire CFS Search and Interactive Map (public facing)
    DHD support services
    Data Prep for Import into DHD
    Incident and Apparatus Search Tools with GRID and MAP viewing options
5. Police Department:
    Calls for Service (Public facing version - limited)
    Calls for Service (Public Safety Staff only)
    Bypass Overrides
6. Parks & Rec. & Comm. Part.:
    Public Art Inventory conversion (XLS2SHP) and interactive map
    Street Fair Maps/Reports and Map (once a year, except 2020)
7. City Manager:
    City Council Districts interactive map and stats
    Conflict of Interest maps for the City Clerk
8. Finance & Technology:
    Business License daily data conversion/mapping