APN: 071-0-210-070 Site Address: 501 POLI ST IN CITY
Owner Name 1: BLANK PURSUANT - CA GC6254.21
Owner Name 2: BLANK
Mailing Address: BLANK
City/State/Zip: BLANK

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Tax Rate Area Code: 05001
Base Year:
Date of Sale: 07-Aug-1986
Transfer Tax:
Document No:
Document Type:
Document Date:
Effective Date: 07-Aug-1986
Non-Tax Code:

Net Assessed Value:

Land Value:
Improvement Value:
Mineral Rights Value:
Trees/Vines Value:
Trade Fixtures Value:
Personal Prop. Value:
Unit Trade Fix. Value:
Unit Per. Prop. Value:

Exemption Code 1:
Exemption Value 1:
Exemption Code 2:
Exemption Value 2:
Exemption Code 3:
Exemption Value 3:
Lot Size: 57934 sq.ft. ()
Lot Width:
Lot Depth:
Lot Sub-Number:
Map Number:

Condo Ref. Plan:
Condo Building:
Condo Unit Number:

Mobile Home Valued Flag:
Mobile Home Model Year:
Mobile Home Size:
Mobile Home Space:
MH Park:

Bedroom Count:
Bathroom Count:
Family Room / Den Count:
Dining Room Count:
Utility Room Count:
Other Room Count:
Total Room Count:
Year Built:
Total Units:
Building Size:

Floor 1 Area:
Floor 2 Area:
Floor 3 Area:
Balcony Area:
Porch Area:
Basement Area:
Addition 1 Area:
Addition 2 Area:
Other Area:
Garage Area:
Carport Area:
Patio Area:
Enclosed Patio Area:
Pool Area:
Deck Area:
Office Area:
Mezzanine Area:
Retail Area:
Shop Area:
Storage Area:
Warehouse Area:

Fireplace Count:
Site Use Code: 6711 Site Use Desc: NONTAXABLE - CITY PROPERTY
The above parcel details reflect July 1, 2022 data provided to the City of San Buenaventura by the Ventura County Assessor's Office.
The Assessors Parcel Number (APN) is subject to change at any time, as is any of the associated parcel information.
While reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the data contained herein, no guarantee can be made as to its accuracy.
No decision that may result in the loss of life or property should be made on the basis of the information contained in this document.
Several parcel data fields available for many years were NOT included in the 2022 data file. These boxes are shown with gray labels above.
APN: 071-0-210-070 Information below was derived by comparing the shape of this parcel to those of other GIS features.
City Annexation: Original Town of San Buenaventura (18740204)
City Zoning: T6.1 (100%)
Specific/Community/Corridor Plan: Downtown Specific Plan 2007 (100%)
Coastal Zone: Yes (100%) Hillside Management Zoning Overlay: Yes (100%)
Land Use Designation: GP = Specific Plan (100%)
General Plan Planning Community: Downtown (100%)
FEMA Flood Zone: Area of Minimal Flood Hazard (100%)
Fire Hazard Severity Zone: Very High (100%)
Alquist-Priolo Liquefaction Zone: ===SEE MAP===YES (99.76%)
Alquist-Priolo Landslide Area: ---
Alquist-Priolo Fault Zone: YES (100%)
Alquist-Priolo Fault Line on Parcel: ---
Soil Number per 2017 VC Hydrology Manual: ===SEE MAP=== 5 (97.02%), 2 (2.98%)
Water District: Casitas (100%)
Historic Resource Summary: COUNTY COURTHOUSE (actual historic landmark)
LMK (recommended historic landmark)
How to Contact Us: If you have questions about this product, please send email to GIS@cityofventura.net