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Starting at Crowne Plaza...
  Starting at Crowne Plaza: Miles Minutes
  Ventura Pier Out and Back 0.87 15-21
  Beach/Poli Loop 1.55 27-37
  Beach to San Pedro Out and Back 2.26 39-54
  Beach/Mission/Cross/Pier Loop 4.04 69-97
  River/Mission/Cross/Pier Loop 5.13 88-123

These Walking Routes were modeled using the City of San Buenaventura's Geographic Information System.   Distance measurements are all made without attempting to compensate for vertical gain or loss.   Time calculations are based on average walking rates of 3.5 to 2.5 miles per hour.   Some of the routes travel into the foothills resulting in a more strenuous workout.   For a less strenuous workout, stay on the routes that avoid these foothills.