Ventura Fire Calls for Service Map

Please read and agree to our 'Terms of Use' before using this site:

Availability of the Fire Department Calls for Service (CFS) site is not guaranteed. Applications, servers, and network connections may be unavailable at any time for maintenance or unscheduled outages. Users are cautioned against creating dependencies on these services for critical needs.

Data collected about calls received are kept in the Ventura City Fire Department's Records Management System (RMS) system, with a daily export of a small portion of that information sent to the City of Ventura's Geographic Information System (GIS) for daily processing and to be included in the services that support this site. Any questions about the content of the RMS system should be directed to the Ventura Fire Department.

In an effort to protect caller privacy, the Ventura Fire Department has put the following limitations on this site:

1. Only a small fraction of the information collected about 911 calls is made available to the public through this site. For example, there is no information about the identity of the caller or the specifics of why the call was placed, other than to classify each call as being of one 'Call Type' or another (e.g., Fire, Medical, or Other).

2. Call location details, when based on a street address, have been rounded down to the nearest 100 block (e.g., "555 MAIN ST E" is reported as "500 BLOCK OF MAIN ST E"). Locations based on the intersection of two streets are not changed.

3. The maximum zoom level for this map is 1:9600, meaning one inch equals 800 feet, which limits the amount of detail shown on the base map (e.g., parcel lines and individual address labels are not shown on this map, even at the maximum zoom level).

The City of Ventura and the Ventura Fire Department are not responsible for decisions made by others using information found on this site, or for any misuse or misinterpretation of the published Fire CFS data.

By entering this site, the user acknowledges the above conditions and limitations of this site and accepts all responsibility for any decisions they might make based on information found therein.

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